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If your business isn’t ranked at the top by the search engines, your competitors are grabbing business that could be yours. Do you know the terms that people are using to locate the products or services that you provide? You need to know this—right now.

If you knew there was a solution to all of your marketing problems, one that would bring in significantly more and better-qualified customers, would there be anything that would prevent you from immediately taking action to implement this solution?

If this solution was both affordable and based on the increased revenue that would be brought to your business each and every month, would you say “No”? The only reason to say “No” would be if you weren’t interested in growing your business using proven strategies with a great ROI, and that’s not why you are reading this page.

Choose an SEO company that’s proven they can absolutely dominate the competition for our clients. Act now or your competition will find us and get a head start in the rankings. You’ll be happy you selected Corktown.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines rank websites based on a wide range of factors. Calgary SEO is a complicated process that structures a website so search engines like what they see. Our tested formula withstands the most demanding scrutiny of search engine algorithms. Calgary SEO Services include Local SEO, SEO Audits, SEO Competition Analysis, SEO Copywriting, Content Strategy, Infographic Design, Promotion, Link Profile Audit, Removal and Disavow Services, Social Media Services and Link Building Services.

Reputation Management

Just one bad-tempered former customer or, even worse, someone with a personal grudge, can blacken your good name throughout the Internet. If this should happen to you, we can ensure no one will ever be able to find those comments. Your customers will only find your owned and controlled listing in the SERPs. Our reputation management services include community management, blogging outreach, advocacy and campaign delivery on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Web Design

Web design Calgary is about providing a visually attractive website, of course, but the main focus of website design is getting you more customers. The website must function as it should so the search engines give it a big stamp of approval. It is crucial the website looks fantastic on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Prospects need to make the click that will convert them into customers. We handle all of that for you.

Social Media

Getting your message in front of customers and prospects requires innovative social media strategies. Unlike most online marketing agencies, we utilize social media in the search engines. Leveraging social media with SEO will give you a commanding position. Our skill set includes strategy, optimization, and measurement/analytics.

Discover how Colin Tufts and Corktown can make a Difference for Your Business.

Colin Tufts leads Corktown. His expertise includes being a Senior SEO, digital marketer, and social media optimization expert. His extensive eBusiness experience includes optimizing brands online and lead generation. His digital experience includes work for such powerhouses as TD Canada Trust, Afinix Life Sciences, RBC, VISA, MasterCard, BMO, Mt. Sinai Hospital and Foundation, Dodge, Chrysler, Thomas Cook, Ontario Power Authority, Green Power Magazine, the Ontario Government, and the Liberal Party of Ontario.

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