#1 Reputation Management Toronto Experts

Reputation Management Toronto Experts


Corktown is a leader in reputation management in Toronto. It is vital for companies to be able to protect their brand online from harmful comments or poor reviews and ratings. It is also an extremely important part of a successful SEO strategy.

Companies must proactively manage their online reputation. They should immediately respond to negative reviews, comments or posts by addressing the points made and provide assurance that any mistakes that were made were not done on purpose. If there are incorrect accusations being made, then it is necessary to correct the claims immediately. This is all part of a proper reputation management program that Corktown would put in place for clients.

Corktown can optimize your online reputation management:

  • Suppress or remove the negative search results for your company/brand name
  • Monitor all Google organic search queries
  • Get positive, managed pages occupying first page of Google search results (like social media profiles or news articles)
  • Prevent negative search results from occupying the first page of Google search results for branded search queries (people will not see the negative search queries)
  • Track all online mentions of your brand and report all analytics across all search engines

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